An Artichoke Project

Thank you!

  • 25 March 2015

This project could not have been possible without the hard work of many people, here we say a big thank you!

The Burn: In Photos

  • 24 March 2015

Re-live the burn through these beautiful photos, all taken by Matthew Andrews.

The Transformative Power of Art

  • 21 March 2015

Suzanne Lyle, Head of Visual Art at Arts Council of Northern Ireland, shares some thoughts with us on the Temple project.

Temple Stories

  • 18 March 2015

Watch video diaries made by members of the Temple Crew.

Sacredness, Solemnity and Memory

  • 15 March 2015

Crimson Rose, co-founder of Burning Man. Tells us about the significance of 'Temple' projects, at Burning Man and beyond.

Temple Stories II

  • 15 March 2015

Check out the latest video diaries from our Temple Crew.

'Temple' Will Belong to the City

  • 9 March 2015

John Peto from the Nerve Centre talks about their involvement in the project.