An Artichoke Project


Templecraft burned at 4pm on Saturday 21st March.

Comissioned by Artichoke and The Space in collaboration with CultureTECH, Templecraft was a innovative digital arts project inspired by a monumental real –world construction.  Using Minecraft, artist Adam Clarke, BlockWorks and Sparks built a digital reconstruction of David Best’s Temple, replicating its startling architecture and intricate internal spaces.  Mapped onto a representation of the city of Derry~Londonderry, this extraordinary digital artwork created the impression of a 'Temple' high on a hill, towering over the city below.  Minecraft players were then invited to explore the structure online, and leave their own messages, mementos or objects inside its walls, before it too was ceremonially ‘burned’ online on Saturday 21st March.  Nothing was left behind.

This was opportunity for the world-wide Minecraft community to experience and participate in a major temporary art work, and for new users of the software to explore a beautiful digital landscape.  Follow the project in the short film below:

Minecraft user GrannyGammer recorded herself using Templecraft as she left a dedication to the daughter she lost in this incredibly moving film (please note it includes adult themes).

As part of the project, students from six schools across Derry~Londonderry also worked with David Best and Adam Clarke to design and build their own structures using Minecraft. 

Pictured: Templecraft design by BlockWorks.