An Artichoke Project

Temple Stories

  • 18 March 2015

Watch video diaries made by members of the Temple Crew.

Temple has been built by a huge number of people working together.  Californian's with many of David Best's Temple builds under their belt, carpenters from closer to home, young people who are currently out of work or still at school and many others who have their own unique reasons for getting involved in the project.

We've armed 20 of this crew with video cameras and asked them to document their experiences throughout construction and the week Temple is open to the public.  Temple Stories is the result: a series of short films, quickly edited on a daily basis.  Under the direction of award winning Margo Harkin (Besom Productions) and her team (Derry Productions), Temple Stories takes us behind the scenes of this extraordinary project, from the voices of those who made it. 

Ahead of Temple opening to the public tomorrow, here are some highlights from a team who know the meaning of team work, a build that has included alot of snow, rain, gale force winds and fun:

More films can be found on the Temple playlist on the Artichoke youtube channel.