An Artichoke Project

Scott Prusso

Scott Prusso lives in a small town north of San Francisco, and is a seventh generation Californian.  He began his career in construction driving nails before he could legally drive a car, working on construction job sites with his Dad.  Following in his Dad's footsteps Scott also became a contractor, forming his own commercial construction company, which he passed on to his eldest of six sons.  

Scott experienced his first ‘temple’ at Burning Man six years ago with the recognition that the ‘temple’ and everything around it had been erected purely for his enjoyment and the enjoyment of each person there.  This was the starting point of his involvement creating art and community space at Black Rock City.  Scott created a hammock structure with an old sail from his boat, participated in providing a community refuge space for five years and last year was enthused to join the crew working on the Temple of Grace.  

Scott is happy to bring his skills and enthusiasm for building with David Best to Derry~Londonderry. He is looking forward to working with the people of Northern Ireland who are gathering together to create this new and important temple.