An Artichoke Project

Laurie Ann Berliner

Laurie Ann lives in the small town of Fairfax, just north of San Francisco with Madge, her Cardigan Welsh Corgi and her partner Michael. They love to rock climb, ride bikes and dance. She is just less than 5 ft tall.

She met her partner Michael a year after her husband John Horn Jr passed away, aged 55. She was doubtful she would ever fall in love again.

With support from family, friends and most especially David & Maggie Best and the Temple Crew, she was able to move forward with her life. Part of this was sending John’s spirit (and ashes) off to the heavens in a glorious fire, in the burning of the Temple of Juno at Burning Man 2012.  

After the 2012 Temple Burn, she retired from her job of nearly 25 years as a criminal defence attorney, and is refashioning her skill set to do what she loves – design and sew custom clothing.

I feel blessed to have my husband's brilliant and adventurous spirit to guide me, the love of new partner Michael, and mad creative skills acquired from being a member of the Temple Crew.  Here's to bringing grace and the spirit of renewal to the Derry-Londonderry Temple.  Can't wait!