An Artichoke Project

Julia Nelson-Gal

Julia is an artist who worked with David Best on Temple of Grace at Burning Man 2014.  She works primarily in collage, printmaking and photography, and teaches Mixed Media Photography at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Julia has exhibited in several countries and her work can be found in the Alexandria Library, Egypt and the Library of Congress Print and Photograph Collection.  The materials she chooses are most often re-purposed bits of information: old photographs, microfilm and old books.  She recently started a project, Valentines for Veterans for which dozens of people are knitting, weaving and sewing scarves for a group of formerly homeless Veterans in San Francisco.  She has three grown-up sons, two dogs and lives with a man she has been in love with for 37 years.  

She's thrilled to be part of the Derry Temple Crew on her first trip to Northern Ireland.

Photo credit:  Lisa Tanner